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My Sky Rover helicopter flew away outdoors - help!

We're sorry to hear that your heli went missing. We certainly understand your frustration. It's important to note that some of our helicopters are intended for indoor use only, which is marked on the front of the packaging. Many helicopters come with an IR (infrared) controller, and are designed for indoor use because an IR signal can easily be disrupted by outdoor elements like the sun or wind. Helicopters with radio controllers are often better suited for outdoor use. Please contact our customer support staff to learn more about the model you purchased.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Sky Rover helicopter?

Fortunately, all Sky Rover helicopters come with spare blades and fasteners, which are the most common replacement parts needed by our fliers.  They are contained in a small plastic bag within the package (usually taped at the top).  Directions for proper installation of replacement parts can be found in the instruction manual for your specific heli model.  Instruction manuals are also available to download from the Support tab.  If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer support staff; we would love to help.

Can I use any headset with my Sky Rover Voice Command helicopter?

Your Voice Command heli comes with its own headset with microphone, but does accept many other headsets if you prefer to try your own.  Your headset must include a microphone to capture your voice commands.  Use the "Mic" receiver jack on the Voice Command controller to plug-in your headset and give it a try.

I don't have a computer to charge my helicopter with a USB cable. Is there another way to charge?

Some of our Sky Rover helicopters can be charged directly via their controllers, in addition to USB charging.  If your model only accepts USB charging, you can use a USB Wall Charger that plugs into a standard electrical socket and has a USB port.  These are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most retailers.  This will charge your heli as well as a computer USB port.

The blades of my helicopter keep hitting each other, making it difficult to fly. Is there a way to fix this?   

There is! Our helis are designed with two (2) small fasteners that keep the blades from interfering with the balance bar when in motion.  These are very small parts shaped like a "barbell". These can be press-fit to the primary and secondary blades.  If your heli has multiple crashes, they can sometimes fall off which is why we provide two replacement fasteners with each heli for your convenience.

My controller isn't working with my heli. How can I tell if they are paired?  

When your heli syncs with the controller, the front headlight on your heli will flash 2-3 times letting you know the syncing process is complete.  If your plane crashes or if you are having difficulty syncing, try turning OFF both the heli and controller, then back ON again to re-sync them.  If they are still not synced, move the throttle lever up and then down and look for the headlight to flash. If you are still having challenges, please contact our customer support at 844.303.8396 or

My heli is flying really low to the ground, even with the throttle completely engaged.  What's wrong?  

It may be time for new batteries or a fresh charge. The heli will start flying low to the ground when its charge begins to deplete.

I can't get my Wave Racers car to start no matter how fast I wave my hand over the sensor - help!   

Make sure you are not trying to activate your car outside in bright sunlight or under super bright lights.  Bright light can interfere with the wave sensor.  Trying holding your car out of direct light while waving your hand over the sensor.

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