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#FunFactFriday! Did you know that on average about 61,000 people are travelling in the sky over the U.S. at any given hour! #AuldeyToysNA
How fast can you wave your hands? The faster you wave your hand, the faster your #WaveRacer will go! You can race on your own or against friends with expandable #WaveRacer track sets! #AuldeyToys
Grab your passport and join #Jett and his friends as they travel around the world delivering packages to #children who need help from the mighty #SuperWings! Watch on #NBCSprout Daily!
It's #GroundHogDay! Winter may not be over yet, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun indoors with an #AuldeyToys Phantom #SkyRover!
2016 is a #LeapYear! What will you do with the extra day this month? Might we suggest playing with your #SkyRover? #AuldeyToysNA

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